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"To deliver a professional, neutral, transparent, non discriminatory service to the aviation industry Worldwide in order to contribute to efficient solutions to optimising the use of capacity at airports."
Welcome to the website of the Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group - WWACG

Fred Wister
WWACG Chairman

Dear visitor,

Due to congestion of airport facilities including runways and terminal facilities around the world, a system was developed to aid in the efficient usage of the available resources.

Slots are allocated in accordance with guidelines set out in Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG). Airports throughout the world are categorised as either Level 1 (Non-Coordinated Airport), Level 2 (Schedules Facilitated Airport) and Level 3 (Coordinated Airport). Additionally, in some States or areas, such as in the European Union, legally binding regulations must be observed. They  take then precedence. WWACG members and associate members execute their activities on the basis of the WSG, as well as national and local rules. About 320 airports worldwide are coordinated to (Level 3) or schedule facilitated (Level 2) standards.

WWACG members play a key role in the air transport activities by assuring that aircraft operators flight intentions and among them airlines schedules meet the capacity requirements at the busiest airports worldwide and that the planning of the traffic on these airports is not generating built-in delays.

Coordinators and schedule facilitators allocate slots to operators by approving or making offers to their planned schedules (Level 3) or by making recommendations to their schedules at (Level 2) Airports. By this process WWACG members ensures the best utilisation of the scarce resources at the airports whilst providing the best scheduling opportunities to the air carriers. This planning process reduces the excess demand situations at the airports during peak hours.

Moreover, the coordination process is a powerful and cost-efficient tool to collect as from 6 months from the beginning of a season the flight intentions of all air carriers intenting to operate on an airport and to maintain this information up-to-date until the day of operation. On several airports all types of traffic are being coordinated and therefore airport coordinators databases are extremely accurate. In some parts of the world this information is shared with the Air Navigation Service Providers which are basing their global flights traffic forecast on it.

All of WWACG members and Partners have been officially approved by their governments or appointed by an appropriate authority as coordinators or schedule facilitators. They have detailed knowledge of slot allocation or schedules facilitation and act in a neutral, non-discriminatory, and transparent manner.

Most air carriers continue to grow steadily in most areas of the world, and there is no sign that the growth rate will slow down on a longer term view. This demand has challenged the airports to expand their facilities to keep up with the strong growth rates, but in many areas airport growth potential is limited. Consequently, the work of coordinators and schedule facilitators has become more complex, and there are no signs that this trend will be reversed in the future.

I hope that you will find this site interesting and informative. Details about our organisation, its role and its responsibilities can be found by exploring our webpages. You can also visit other organizations websites such as the European Airport Coordinators Association (EUACA) or even individual  WWACG Members and Partners through this site.

I hope you will visit us again and I would be most interested to receive comments about our website and its content.



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