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Distribution dates of SHL & SAL messages for all airports managed by WWACG Members.

Please note that only level 3 (Coordinated) and level 2 (facilitated) airports are shown in the above list.

The table can be downloaded in a spreadsheet or printed (see at the bottom).
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SeasonCountryAirportCoordination LevelSHL sent onSAL sent on
W19Denmark (DK)AAL (AALBORG AIRPORT)Data collection (Level 1)2019/03/312019/05/29
W19Denmark (DK)AAR (AARHUS LUFTHAVN - TIRSTRUP)Data collection (Level 1)2019/03/312019/05/29
W19United Kingdom (GB)ABZ (ABERDEEN)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/05/23
W19Ghana (GH)ACC (ACCRA - KOTOKA INTL)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Spain (ES)ACE (LANZAROTE)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/102019/06/05
W19Turkey (TR)ADB (IZMIR - ADNAN MENDERES)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/05/30
W19Australia (AU)ADL (ADELAIDE)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Norway (NO)AES (AALESUND VIGRA)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/04/122019/06/04
W19Spain (ES)AGP (MÁLAGA-COSTA DEL SOL)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/102019/06/05
W19France (FR)AJA (NAPOLEON BONAPARTE )Data collection (Level 1)
W19New Zealand (NZ)AKL (AUCKLAND INTL)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/102019/06/05
W19Spain (ES)ALC (ALICANTE)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/102019/06/05
W19India (IN)AMD (AHMEDABAD)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Netherlands (NL)AMS (AMSTERDAM SCHIPHOL)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/192019/06/06
W19Greece (GR)AOK (KARPATHOS)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Sweden (SE)ARN (STOCKHOLM-ARLANDA)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/05/24
W19Greece (GR)ATH (ATHENS)Data collection (Level 1)
W19United Arab Emirates (AE)AUH (ABU DHABI INTL)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Greece (GR)AXD (ALEXANDROUPOLIS)Data collection (Level 1)
W19Turkey (TR)AYT (ANTALYA)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/05/30
W19Bahrain (BH)BAH (BAHRAIN INTL)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Spain (ES)BCN (BARCELONA-EL PRAT)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/102019/06/05
W19Bermuda (BM)BDA (BERMUDA INTL)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19Italy (IT)BDS (BRINDISI)No specific status2019/04/192019/06/06
W19United Kingdom (GB)BFS (BELFAST INTERNATIONAL)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/05/20
W19Norway (NO)BGO (BERGEN FLESLAND)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/122019/06/04
W19Italy (IT)BGY (BERGAMO - Orio al Serio)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/192019/06/06
W19United Kingdom (GB)BHD (BELFAST CITY )Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/05/20
W19United Kingdom (GB)BHX (BIRMINGHAM)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/052019/05/30
W19Spain (ES)BIO (BILBAO)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/102019/06/05
W19Turkey (TR)BJV (BODRUM - MILAS)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/05/30
W19Spain (ES)BJZ (BADAJOZ)Data collection (Level 1)2019/04/102019/06/05
W19Thailand (TH)BKK (BANGKOK - SUVARNABHUMI INTL)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Denmark (DK)BLL (BILLUND AIRPORT)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/03/312019/05/29
W19Italy (IT)BLQ (BOLOGNA - G. Marconi)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/04/192019/06/06
W19India (IN)BLR (BENGALURU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/06/06
W19Sweden (SE)BMA (STOCKHOLM-BROMMA)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/022019/05/20
W19Australia (AU)BNE (BRISBANE)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Colombia (CO)BOG (EL DORADO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19United Kingdom (GB)BOH (BOURNEMOUTH)Data collection (Level 1)2019/06/05
W19Norway (NO)BOO (BODO)Data collection (Level 1)2019/04/122019/06/04
W19Germany (DE)BRE (BREMEN)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/06/06
W19Italy (IT)BRI (BARI)No specific status2019/04/192019/06/06
W19United Kingdom (GB)BRS (BRISTOL)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/05/22
W19Belgium (BE)BRU (BRUSSELS NATIONAL)Coordinated (Level 3)2019/04/172019/06/04
W19Brazil (BR)BSB (PRESIDENTE JUSCELINO KUBITSCHEK)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)
W19France (FR)BSL (BASEL MULHOUSE)Coordinated (Level 3)
W19Slovakia (SK)BTS (BRATISLAVA - M R STEFANIK)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/04/032019/05/24
W19Hungary (HU)BUD (BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC)Schedules Facilitated (Level 2)2019/04/152019/05/29

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